A high knowledge-intensive company at your service.

Power Engineering Srl is specialized in the design of industrial machinery and systems in outsourcing and insourcing and in the management of complex energy systems.

20 technical experts having different skills but the same goal compose our team and our purpose is to find the ideal solution for every specific demand our client may have. People are our strength: we cultivate young talents and enhance figures with many years of experience who have been working with us since 2004.

We are constantly improving our abilities: we invest in training and in Research & Development willing to be one-step ahead in technological field.

We face every challenge with open mind, strongly believing that Open Innovation is a chance to improve and get stronger: blending different ideas can produce competitive advantage to your business, too.

We operate on the principle of circular economy in which we trust; as a matter of fact we are committed to invest in a production and consumption model that ensures a sustainable growth by regenerating resources in order to reduce environmental impact.

In this sense, the role each one of us assume in Poweren® has a high social responsibility: let’s start designing a better future together! !