POWER ENGINEERING was born: co-founder partners aim to create an engineering company with revolutionary/modern approach.

Early years has been an embryonic stage of what we all know today as Open Innovation and cross expertise blending thanks to intertwined partners’ skills.

Thanks to the know-how of its coworkers, Power Engineering has developed a wide experience in designing industrial machinery and systems besides to energy consulting.


Founders has decided to enlarge their business by increasing services and investing in corporate structure and qualified staff.


Power Engineering has changed company set up from Snc to Srl. 2009 Economic crisis has offered a challenge to change the way we approach to engineering market, pushing increasingly towards the diversification of provided services and work sector.


Power Engineering started first direct partnerships with companies set in Germany, United States and Unite Kingdom end of 2012.


CRSan innovative startup whose mission is Research & Development, management and enhancement of industrial brands and patents – is founded.


Thanks to POR FESR – an European funding programme aiming to support research projects by employing researchers within companies – Power Engineering is charged to carry out a “integrated sanitization of air and water project by adopting technologies at a low environmental impact to prevent and reduce the onset of diseases as well as antibiotics in animal farming”.

2017 has also been the year of Change (with capitol C!): a process of revolution has begun in Poweren and it has involved the top management members as well, it has been a process that led to a new organization model and to a new approach even more innovative, on both market and coworkers and partners.


Power Engineering and CRS have fused merging both corporate purposes and consolidating the strong focus on innovation and Research & Development. Experts with a high aptitude for teamwork, motivation and dedication compose our team; most of them are mechanical experts or engineers and can use two CAD modelling software at least.



Founder partner and sole administrator of the company

My name is Francesco and I am a mechanical engineer. My experience in the world of energy and sustainability began when I was at university and I decided to attend a specialization course on Machinery and Energetic Systems management.

In 1997, I had the chance to give some lessons on “Cogeneration” during a professional development course set up by the European Community for Energy Master.

My work experience started in 1998 as technical adviser to plan and supervise building sites for some Construction companies of Cogeneration plants. In that period I supervised the construction and installation of 10 cogeneration plants with electrical power from 120 KVA to 1360 KVA, some of them producing gas, others working on dump biogas.

Over my first years as consultant I got in touch with different companies, all of them committed to Saving Energy like for example companies working on glass-, steel-, iron foundry sector, etc.

In 2002, I cooperated with a company that intended to open a new business branch focused on developing activities pertinent to cogeneration sector. We developed important projects regarding Distributed Microgeneration in partnership with Enel Group Green Power.

After many years of counseling as free-lance, I decided to leave that “individual path” and I set up a team and started leading it. Working in a team boosts me every day: it gives me the best satisfaction, and makes me overcome arising difficulties.

I live in Paese, in the province of Treviso, with my wife and our two children.


My name is Riccardo and I am a mechanical engineer. I joined Power Engineering Srl as employee in 2008; one year later, I became business partner. I started working as sales technician and then I became Project Manager in a company specialized in the production and construction of endothermic engine cogeneration plants.

In 2000, I took the opportunity to leave to Ecuador as volunteer for an international cooperation project promoted by an Italian NGO and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I kept on working in the cogeneration sector as micro turbine cogeneration plants Project Manager. Once in Power Engineering, I firstly dedicated myself to the development of a documentation area, manuals and risks assessment and then, after becoming Operation Manager, I focused on coordination and planning resources.

I started dealing with mechanical design approaching to circular economy and studying alternative energy. I am the supervisor and that role is challenging me every day. One of my goals is to facilitate the supply chain of internal processes.

I live in Susegana with my wife and our two children.